November 12 - 15, 2021




Organizer: The International Cultural Association of Turku (Turun kansainväliset kulttuurimarkkinat yhdistys ry) in collaboration with the Finnish company

SEM Consulting Oy and the Union of Russian Composers.

Place and time: November 12 to 15, 2021 at Turku Christian College (Turun kristillinen opisto, Lustokatu 7, Turku) and Martin’s Church (Huovinkatu 5, Turku).

Contest schedule: registration period from December 1, 2020 to June 1, 2021

Participation rights: The IХ International Jean Sibelius Vocal Contest is open for all performers from 10 years and older in the following categories: Solo vocal 10-11 years old, 12-14 years old, 15-17 years old, 18-20 years old, 20+ years old (* professionals and *amateurs), duos, trios and quartets, vocal ensembles from 5 to 12 people.


Please note that the age of participants must match the one specified as on the day of participation in the competition!



Participants can register for Jean Sibelius Vocal Contest by sending their registration form by email to The application form is published on the website. The registration form with attachments must be sent before June 1, 2021. Late applications shall be left unconsidered. By submitting the registration form, the contestant accepts the rules for holding Jean Sibelius 2021 Vocal Contest and undertakes to comply with them. By submitting the contest application, the contestant also undertakes to participate in the competition and to be free during the competition from other obligations that would impede participation in the competition. The participant may cancel contest participation in the following cases: due to illness (confirmed by a medical certificate) or in case of force majeure. According to Finnish law, a hotel booking may only be cancelled 45 days in advance, otherwise the accommodation money will not be refunded in full!


Upon receipt of the registration form, the applicant will receive by e-mail a written confirmation of participation and an invoice for payment.



Solo vocal

The organizers shall determine the procedure of contestants’ performance at Jean Sibelius Solo Vocal Contest. In all categories, except for the contest category 20+ years *professionals, the competition shall be held in one round.


  • 10-11 years old

The program for contest participants' performance:

  1. A folk song (composer's adaptation)

  2. A romance or a song.

The maximum program duration is 5 minutes.


  • 12-14 years old

The program for contest participants' performance:

  1. A folk song (composer's adaptation)

  2. A romance or a song.

The maximum program duration is 5 minutes.


  • 15-17 years old

The program for contest participants' performance:

  1. A folk song (composer's adaptation)

  2. A romance or a song.

The maximum program duration is 5 minutes.


  • 18-20 years old

The program for contest participants' performance:

  1. A composition by Jean Sibelius.

  2. A composition of choice (an aria from opera or oratorio at the participant’s choice)

The maximum program duration is 8 minutes.


  • 20+ years old:

* professionals

* amateurs

The competition in this category shall be held in two rounds (for professionals only).

The program of performance for the contest participants in the first round is the same for both professionals and amateurs:

  1. A composition by Jean Sibelius.

  2. Two compositions of choice (an aria from opera or oratorio at the participant’s choice)

The maximum program duration is 12 minutes.


The program of performance for the contest participants among professionals in the second round shall be the following:

  1. A composition by Jean Sibelius or an aria from opera/oratorio by a European composer at the participant’s choice

  2. An aria from opera or oratorio at the participant’s choice.

The maximum program duration is 8 minutes.


The names of the performers selected for the final in this category (*professionals) shall be announced in the evening on November 13, 2021 after the first round on the website of Jean Sibelius Contest. Eight contestants shall be selected for the final. The jury shall announce the winners in the solo vocal Jean Sibelius Contest among professionals and shall present the prizes at the end of the final on November 14, 2021 at the awards ceremony in Martin's Church. The names of winners shall be published the same evening on the contest website .


Execution of the same composition shall not be allowed in the programs at different stages of the competition. If a contestant performs unpublished compositions or any material unusual for the European song repertoire, he must provide a copy of the material to the Jury. At all stages of the competition, the participant shall perform his entire program without any breaks. The contestant may choose the program performance order, however, the program duration may not exceed the maximum limits.


  • In the categories Duo, Trio, Quartet, and Ensemble, the competition shall be held in the following age categories: up to 10 years, 11-16 years, 17-20 years, 20+ years, and a mixed age group.

The performance program for duos, trios, quartets, and vocal ensembles shall be the following:

  1. A folk song (composer's adaptation)

  2. A romance or a song.

The contest repertoire must include two compositions with a maximum total duration of 8 minutes. The compositions must be diverse, and the repertoire must be consistent with the age of the performer.


Two contest compositions shall be performed in a row. The accompaniment shall be the piano. The use of recorded phonogram shall not be allowed. If you need the accompaniment, please indicate this in your application. Please, note that the services of accompanying concertmaster shall be paid additionally.



The contestants participating in the competition may perform with their own pianist, but in this case, they are responsible for any costs incurred. The organizing committee may offer the singers an opportunity to perform with a pianist chosen by the competition committee at an additional fee of 80€. Each contestant is entitled to one rehearsal with the hired pianist before the start of the first competition round, and another one before the final. Contestants may arrange additional rehearsals and are accountable for any expenses incurred in this case. If the contestant has no pianist of his own, he must send good-quality music note sheets to the competition pianist before October 1, 2021.



The Opening Concert will be held on November 12, and the Friendship Concert will be held on November 14 in the evening in Martin's Church. The Organizing Committee of the contest will arrange concerts, where it will be possible to participate also for the would-be contestants. The Organizing Committee will consider the applications for participation in the concerts and select the performers based on their video recordings sent to the address of the Organizing Committee at A competitor may present for each of the concerts one composition different from those performed in the competition program. The competitor who has applied for the Opening Concert and the Friendship Concert cannot withdraw from the performance thereafter. The starry Contest Jury will also take part in the concerts. The Organizing Committee shall not pay any fees to contestants participating in the Opening Concert and the Friendship Concert. The Organizing Committee will consider applications for participation in the concerts, if they are received no later than June 1, 2021.


The Master Classes from the Jury members will be held on November 13-14 by prior arrangement. The cost of a master class to one individual class master is 60€ (20 min). A competitor may apply for several master classes, paying for the master classes against invoice.


The Master Classes from Finnish masters "Let's Sing Sibelius in the Original" can be either individual, 60€ per 20 min. or in groups of 5-6 people, 50€ per 30 min. The lists of Sibelius compositions for the master classes will be published on the website no later than April 1, 2021.



The winners of I, II, III, IV, V and VI degrees in each age group will receive diplomas. All other contestants will receive a Diploma of Participant.

Three best contestants in the group 20+ years old *professionals shall be awarded prizes in cash:

1st place  - 500 euro

2nd place - 300 euro

3rd place  - 100 euro


In addition, the Jury has the right to introduce a special award of 200 euro. The jury may also award other prizes approved by the Competition Committee. Each winner should receive the reward personally. The award ceremony will take place on November 14, 2021 in Martin's Church. All the finalists will perform at the concert. The competition committee may also request other contestants to perform. The Competition Committee will draw up the program for the final concert from the repertoire of the contestants. It shall be impossible to receive the awards before or after the official awarding day.



The Jury of Jean Sibelius Vocal Competition consists of internationally recognized professional singers and teachers of singing and voice. The Jury reserves the right not to award prizes if the level of performances is low. In case of equally divided votes, the Chairman of the Jury has the deciding casting vote right. Each Jury member who has had any personal or professional contact with the participant must refrain from voting. The Jury decision shall be final and not subject to appeal.



The Jury of Jean Sibelius Solo Vocal Competition evaluates and assigns scores to the contestants for their performances. Evaluation criteria are included in the Jury guidelines approved by the Competition Committee. Contestants shall be rated on a 10-point scale. Points from one to ten are granted according to general criteria, such as technical skills and artistic expression. When taking ultimate judgements in the final, the general impression about the contestant at all stages of the competition will be taken into account. The Jury task shall be to evaluate the contestants as objectively as possible.



After the semi-final, the contestants, if they prefer, may ask for comments regarding their performances from at least one jury member. After the performance, the contestant should inform the contest secretary that he wants to receive feedback regarding own performance. The time to receive the comments is booked from the contest secretary. The task of the Jury is to provide a personal feedback to the contestants in a constructive and individual manner.



The organizers call special attention of the contestants to the need to familiarize themselves with these regulations. Each invited participant should arrive to the festival within the time limits specified in the official invitation.



APPLICATIONS are accepted until June 1, 2021. The registration fee and payment for participation must be executed by June 5. If the contestants purchase from the organizers the package including accommodation and participation, 100% of the payment for the package with accommodation and meals must be executed by June 10. An official invitation to the festival shall be sent to the contestant upon receipt of his application and a copy of bank confirmation of the application registration payment. The banking details will be sent by e-mail upon receipt of the application. A scanned copy of bank confirmation of the application registration payment must be sent to the email address.

APPLICATIONS are to be sent to email . The application should indicate the need for accommodation, exactly indicating the gender and the number of beds. The information contained in the application regarding the number of participants shall be treated as final.

The deadline for submission of documents to the Consular Office of Finland is October 1. Prerequisites for participation in the competition are a valid passport for foreign travel at the time of application and the payment for application registration.

To participate in the competition, it is necessary to prepare and send the following documents in electronic form:

• Application according to the approved format (in the application, it is necessary to fill in for the diploma in Latin letters the following: first name, surname, city, and country. Attention: the data shall be treated as final!

• A copy of bank confirmation of the application registration payment.

• For those who purchase from the organizers a package with accommodation: a list of names in Latin according to their passports for foreign travel for accommodation in triple/quadruple rooms, and separately a list for double rooms. Please, specify in the list the following: name, surname, date of birth, and passport number.

• Lists for the letters of appreciation (no more than 2 letters per participant) must be provided by October 5 by email.

• 1 photo and a short CV in English (7-8 sentences) for the booklet.


Registration fee and payment for participation:

 Application registration fee is 30€. In case of refusal to participate, this amount is not refundable.

 Cost of participation: € 130 / soloist, € 160 / duo, € 190 / trio and € 210 / quartet.

Ensembles starting from five people pay 210€ + 20€ per person.

• Participant is able to take part in several categories with the condition of making a separate application form for each category and payment for additional categories.

• Participation fee for additional category:  55 € soloist, 75 € duo, 85 € trio, 95 € quartet, 105 € quintet and  20 € per person for groups more than 5 persons.

 • Solo is the main category.



Contestants pay for their trip and living expenses. Transportation and other costs of contest participants and managers, as well as accompanying persons, are paid either at the expense of the seconding party or by participants. Visa and insurance are paid at their own expense. The Organizing Committee will assist in obtaining a free visa in the event that applications with bank confirmation of application registration payment are received by August 1, 2021 .The list of participants for a free visa must contain the following information:

• Name and Surname (in Latin, according to the passport for foreign travel).

• Date of birth.


Groups will arrange accommodation and meals on their own. Groups can also purchase a package including accommodation and meals from the organizers.

The package prices are:


Standard program (arrival on November 12 after 3 pm, departure on November 15 before 12.00)

Participants make payment in the amount of 200 € (accommodation in triple/quadruple rooms),

240 € (accommodation in double rooms), 280 € (accommodation in single room). The above prices are indicated per person. The program cost includes breakfasts and dinners. Accommodation will be in hotel Scandic (Eerikinkatu 30) in the city centre, the hotel has a sauna and swimming pool.

Additional night per person: 70€ in triple/quadruple room, 90 € in double room, 120€ in single room. This price includes breakfast only.


Economy program 1 is only for groups starting from three people (arrival on November 12 after 16.00, departure on November 15 before 12.00) in the amount of 160€ (accommodation in triple/quadruple rooms), 210€ (accommodation in double rooms). Accommodation will be in hotel Omena (Humalistonkatu 7) in the city centre, the room has a shower, toilet, TV, refrigerator, microwave oven, kettle, tea, coffee. Meals are not included.

Additional night per person: 70€ in triple/quadruple room, meals not included, and 90€ in double rooms. Meals are not included. 


Economy programm 2 is only for groups starting from four people (arrival on November 12 after 4 p.m., departure on November 15 before 12.00).

Participants make payment in the amount of 150 € (accommodation in quadruple/six-bed rooms). The above prices are indicated per person. Accommodation will be in hostel in the city.  Meals are not included.

Additional night per person: 60 € in quadruple/six-bed room. Meals are not included.


According to Finnish law, a hotel booking may only be cancelled 45 days in advance, otherwise the accommodation money will not be refunded in full!



Transfer (train/bus station - hotel, both ways) is guaranteed, if the organizers are informed in advance regarding the date, time, place, train and carriage number, flight number 30 days prior to the start of the competition. Meeting participants at train/bus stations and airport of the city of Turku is carried out for an additional charge: transfer both ways 35€ per person.

Meeting participants at train/bus stations and Helsinki Airport with a charter bus (max. 49 persons) costs 700€.

Transfer from Turku to Helsinki (train/bus stations/airport) with a charter bus (max. 49 persons) costs 700€.

For those who wish, it is possible to order a separate charter bus from St. Petersburg to Turku, in case the information about such transfer will arrive before August 1, 2021. The fare St. Petersburg - Turku - St. Petersburg is €210 per person (provided that at least 20 people are on the bus). We kindly request to specify all your wishes in detail and in advance in the application.

From Moscow, you can get by plane or by train to Helsinki, and then by train to Turku. From St. Petersburg, there is a daily bus to Turku, as well as train and ferry connection to Helsinki.



The excursion services are paid additionally.

Little Knight's Tour in the castle of Turku. In their free time from the festival, younger participants are offered an opportunity to make an amazing journey through the medieval castle of Turku. This tour offers young participants to plunge into the medieval life of the castle, where every boy can feel like a real knight, and every girl can become a court lady! Price: 30€ per participant.


Jean Sibelius Museum is located in the city centre on the banks of the Aura River.

In the museum, visitors will get acquainted with hundreds of musical instruments from across the globe. The main exhibition is dedicated to the life and work of Jean Sibelius.The building of the museum belongs to the pearls of Finnish modernism and will afford true pleasure by its architectural solution.

Price: 25€ per participant.


Highlight sightseeing tour around the City of Turku, visiting the Cathedral Church. A fascinating bus tour through the most ancient city of Finland, Turku, where you will get acquainted with the history of the city and its main attractions, such as Turku Castle, the Cathedral and the Central Square. Free time is provided for an individual walk through the Central Square. Duration: 2 hours. Price: 40€ per participant.


Bus tour to the Finnish capital Helsinki. Duration: 6 to 7 hours. Price: 60€ per participant, at least 30 people on the bus.


A fascinating sea voyage at 8.55 p.m. on November 15 from Turku to Stockholm, coming ashore in Stockholm and travel back to Turku at 7.35 a.m. on November 17. We invite you to a fascinating trip on a VikingLine ship from Turku to Stockholm and back to Turku, one day in Stockholm with our escort. A trip in a 4-berth cabin is 100-110€ (cabins without windows) and 130-150€ (cabins with windows) per person (price depends on the deck). Lunch is charged separately!



The Organizers of Jean Sibelius Vocal Contest hold exclusive rights to radio broadcasting, video and audio recording, television broadcasting, photographing the contest performances, as well as posting them on the website and in other information systems without paying any compensation to the contestants and their pianists. A contestant who does not comply with these regulations may be excluded from the contest.



Email address:

Contact phone: +358505238257




  arrival to festival before 16.00

  rehearsals for competition in Martinkirkko
  competition in Martinkirkko

  rehearsals for Opening Concert
  Opening Concert 
  21.00: dinner in the hotel
  7.00 - 10.30: breakfast in the hotel
  rehearsals for competition in Martinkirkko, Huovinkatu 5 
  rehearsals for competition in Turun kristillinen opisto, Lustokatu 7
  competition in Turun kristillinen opisto, Lustokatu 7
  feedback for participants from 1 jury member 
  master classes from jury members
  7.00 - 10.30: breakfast in the hotel
  rehearsals in Turun kristillinen opisto, Lustokatu 7  and                                    Martinkirkko, Huovinkatu 7  
  competition in Turun kristillinen opisto, Lustokatu 7
  master classes from Finnish masters: Let´s sing Sibelius
  rehearsals for Friendship concert in Martinkirkko, Huovinkatu 5
  Friendship concert in Martinkirkko, Huovinkatu 5
  Award Ceremony and Gala Consert in Martinkirkko, Huovinkatu 5
  22.00: dinner in the hotel
  6.00 - 9.30: breakfast in the hotel
  departure before 12.00