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The winners of I, II, III, IV, V and VI degrees in each age group will receive diplomas.


10-11 years old

Ist  place – Sapulete Raphael Sebastian       


IIIrd place – Sofia Fedorova,                          


IIIrd place – Hermione Lau Kanasook                                                   


20+ years old: (* professionals )

IInd place – Agnieszka Grabowska                   


IInd place – Pichamon Mookmaneekun                  


IIIrd place – Che Qi


IIIrd place – Tanja Soininen                                        


IVth place – Xiaoyi Yuan                


IVth place – Yang Wang            


Vth place – Yan Chen                 


Vth place – Yujie Zhou                


20+ years old: (* amateurs )

Ist place – Mateusz Kulczyński                        


IVth place – Thuradee Kantapasara                  


Duo, Trio, Quartet, and Ensemble                       

Mixed Age Group

IIIrd place – Heavenly Voice, College of Music, Mahidol University                 






The winners of I, II, III, IV, V and VI degrees in each age group will receive diplomas.

10-11 years old                                                                                                                                                                                    IIIrd place – Yong Zhi Yin (Kaitlyn)            

12-14 years old
IInd place –  Maria Sophia V. Roldan                        

IInd place – Daria Iakubchik                                        

15-17 years old
Ist place – Mariia Tsarikova                                             

Ist place – Nini Gvelesiani                                    


IInd place – Avi Yakubov                                        

IInd place – Alexander Kalischewski                      

IInd place – Levon Avakyan                        

IInd place – Levon Avakyan                      


IInd place – Karen Nalbandyan                 


IInd place – Tsz Yau Ma                             


IIIrd place – Hanna-Lisa Karbe                               

IIIrd place – Frida Manthe                         



IIIrd place – Elizaveta Mishchenko                       

18-20 years old
Ist place – Jia Guo                                     


IInd place – Clara Jahnke                                    


IInd place – Nicolas Sanchez-Vignaux   

IInd place – Jiapeng Zou                                   

IInd place – Taïsia Kolesnikova                             


IIIrd place – Johann-Daniel Schwebs    


IIIrd place – Yaxin Luo                                           


IIIrd place – Sun Yuxuan                                     


20+ years old *amateurs:
Ist place – Darwin J. Lomentigar                       


Ist place – Weronika Włodarczyk                                                                                                           


IInd place – Sanita Šveice                     



IInd place – Oliwia Tymek                                  



IIIrd place – Aida Baliukeviciene                       
20+ years old *professionals:
Ist place – Barbara Barandun                

Ist place – Margot Plantevin                  



IInd place – Benjamin Benda                



IInd place – Nuray Kabylova                 



IInd place – Justine Brun                      



IInd place – Lara Twerenbold                



IInd place – Michaël Rolli                      

IInd place – Min Yang                                      

IInd place – Karolina Wiewióra                         



IIIrd place – Aleksandra Marfenko        

IIIrd place – Victoria Kotova                             


IIIrd place – Michal Stypulkowski         



IIIrd place – Dariusz Kudelko                                  


IIIrd place – Zhiwen Zuo                                          


IVth place – Xinyuan Jiang                  








The winners of I, II, III, IV, V and VI degrees in each age group will receive diplomas.

10-11 years old

1st place -  Ekaterina Semiokhina, Krasnogorsk, Russia                                  

2nd place - Madina Denshchikova , Stavropol,  Russia                                      

2nd place - Daria Iakubchik, Saint-Petersburg, Russia                                      

3rd place -  Caryn Lee Kai Ying, Penang  Malaysia                                            


12-14 years old

1st place -  Jane Callista Saweango, Jakarta,Indonesia                                    

1st place -  Viktoriia Simdiakina,  Saint-Petersburg, Russia                             

2nd place – Irina Prisjach, Sochi, Russia                                                                  


3rd place – Polina Shcherbakova, Stavropol, Russia                                          

3rd place – Vladimir Denshchikov, Stavropol, Russia                                        

4th place -  Ghoshal Shreya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                                        

4th place - Yu Yan Soo, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                                                   


15-17 years old

1st place - Julija Vaitoskaite, Vilnius, Lithuania                                                   

2nd place - Marco J Sihombing, Tangerang, Indonesia                     

2nd place - Levon Avakyan, Vladimir, Russia             


3rd place - Kseniya Ivanova, Moscow, Russia                                                        

3rd place - Natalia Andreitseva, Nerungri, Russia                                                

3rd place – Feodor Katilov, Saint-Petersburg, Russia                                         


18-20 years old

1st place – Mykhailo Tarnavsky, Kyiv, Ukraine                                                       

1st place – Anastasiya Mironenko,  Moscow, Russia                                          

1st place – Nastya Lanina, Lipetsk, Russia                                                              

2nd place – Aruzhan Kusainova, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan                                  

2nd place - Lhareen Lazo, Philippines                          


3rd place - Ian Ranasinghe, Pannipitiya, Sri Lanka                                                 

3rd place - Shenuk Wijesinghe, Colombo, Sri Lanka                                              

20+ years old *professionals:

1st place – Zurab Avagumashvili,Tbilisi, Georgia           

1st place – Alexandra Bozhko, Moscow, Russia             
1st place – Justyna Bujak, Lubin, Poland                          


2nd place – Cao Hanwen, Kyiv, Ukraine                              

2nd place – Dominika Koscielniak, Berlin, Germany      

2nd place – He Mu, Kyiv, Ukraine                                           
2nd place – Aleksandra Iarikova, SPb, Russia                  

2nd place – Simona Skrebutenaite, Poland                     

2nd place – Valeri Robanishvili,Tbilisi, Georgia               


3rd place – Grzegorz Smyk, Warsaw, Poland                  

3rd place – Paulina Rogoz-Migacz, Poland                     

3rd place – Justyna Jabłonowska, Mława, Poland      


4th place – Zurabi Kobiashvili, Georgia   

4th place – Michał Stypułkowski, Poland                      

4th place – Albina Khuzina, Petrozavodsk, Russia      

4th place – Tarieli Bakhbakhashvili, Georgia                

4th place – Dariusz Kudełko, Wroclaw, Poland            

4th place – Wan Zhangqi,  Kyiv, Ukraine                       


5th place – Jurate Kunciene, Vilnius, Lithuania           

5th place – Jagoda Leśniak, Wroclaw, Poland            

5th place – Iva Khuang, Jakarta, Indonesia                   

6th place – Kamila Kusio, Świdnica, Poland                 






The winners of I, II, III, IV, V and VI degrees in each age group will receive diplomas.


1st place -  Dayana Rasulova, Moscow, Russia
1st place -  Zhanna Abisheva, Zhezqazgan, Kazakhstan

2nd place - Rugile Klimaityte, Vilnius, Lithuania
2nd place - Ferencz-Botond Vizsnyai, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

4th place -  Samuel Kärkkäinen, Tampere, Finland
4th place -  Alexander Kalischewski, Germany/Poland

2nd place - Tatiana Korovyakovskaya, Moscow, Russia 
2nd place - Maryam Galieva, Stepnogorsk, Kazakhstan

3rd place -  Justyna Droszcz, Poland
3rd place -  Vadim Pechnikov, Moscow, Russia
20+ years old 
1st place - Julia Kovrigina-Famba, Tampere, Finland


3rd place - Svetlana Barinova, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
4th place - Ilona Lobova, Tampere, Finland
5th place - Kseniia Meshkova, Moscow, Russia 


Categories Duo, Trio, Quartet, and Ensemble
2nd place –  Julia Kovrigina-Famba, Ilona Lobova, Tampere, Finland


                  The winners of the seventh international Jean Sibelius song contest 2019, Turku, Finland.


Three best contestants in the group 20+ years old *professionals shall be awarded prizes in cash:


1st  place - 500 euro - Viktor Priebe, Stockholm, Sweden

2nd place - 300 euro - Vadim Mokin, Petrozavodsk, Russia

3rd  place - 100 euro - Arina Strelnik, Saint-Petersburg, Russia














4th place - Gevorg Karayan, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

4th place - Polina Kuznetsova, Samara, Russia

5th place - Teemu Mustonen, Turku, Finland

5th place - Vera Maslova, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


The winners of I, II, III, IV, V and VI degrees in each age group will receive diplomas.

All other contestants will receive a Diploma of Participant.


 1st place - Paulius Rimeikis, Klaipeda, Lietuva

2nd place - Alexandra Eroshkina, Stavropol, Russia

4th place - Karina Iakubenko, Chelyabinsk, Russia

4th place - Anastasiia Abramova, Chelyabinsk, Russia

4th place - Arina Sukhova, Belgorod, Russia

4th place - Elsie Pirinen, Turku, Finland

4th place - Georgii Kletinskii, Belgorod, Russia

5th place - Alisa Zhilina, Chelyabinsk, Russia



Special diploma of the best performance by Jean Sibelius:

1. Teemu Mustonen, Turku, Finland
2. Arina Strelnik, Saint-Petersburg, Russia




The winners of the sixth international Jean Sibelius song contest 2018, Turku, Finland.



I place - EUR 500: was not awarded by the decision of jury.

II place - EUR 300: Jekaterina Tretjakova, Vilnius, Lithuania

III place - EUR 100: Alice Margaret Duffy, Moscow, Russia



I place - EUR 800: Inna Gudina, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

II place - EUR 500: Laima Česlauskaite - Zamkauskiene, Panevėžys, Lithuania

III place - EUR 200: Kasparas Damulis, Vilnius, Lithuania


The winners of IV, V and VI th degrees receive diplomas:



IV place - DIPLOMA: Diana Golovyatinskaya, Stavropol, Russia,



IV place: DIPLOMA - Aigerim Altynbek, Astana, Kazakhstan

 V place: DIPLOMA - Iuliia Pavlishcheva, Saint-Petersburg Russia          

VI place: DIPLOMA - Anna Kulik, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Diploma of the best conductor of the competition: Oleg Rozenberg, Russia



The winners of the fifth international Jean Sibelius song contest 2017, Turku, Finland.

I place - 2000€: Tigriy Bazhakin, Saint-Petersburg, Russia 
II place - 1200€: Olga Maslova, Petrozavodsk, Russia 
III place -    800€: Kseniia Kuchukova, Tallinn, Estonia 














I place - 1000€: Dariga Mussayeva, Astana, Kazakstan
II place -    700€: Mariam Iusufi, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
III place -    300€: Egor Martynenko, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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