Where is Turku?

Turku, Finland’s oldest city, is located by the River Aurajoki in Southwest Finland. Turku is a city of art, history and culture believed to have been established in 1229.
The first capital city of Finland has been an important gate to the west throughout history. Turku continues to be a significant commercial port city, and passenger ships sail frequently from Turku to Mariehamn and Stockholm. Turku has 180.000 inhabitants, which makes the city the fifth largest in Finland. Turku is officially bilingual, and a little over 5% of its inhabitants speak Swedish as their mother tongue. There are three universities and four universities of applied sciences in Turku. Together, they have nearly 30.000 degree and post-graduate degree students.
The events and sights of Turku attract a large number of both national and international tourists every year. The city is made unique by the River Aurajoki flowing through the city centre, culture-historical surroundings and the beautiful and extensive Turku Archipelago. Historical attractions from the Turku Castle to the Turku Cathedral are among the city’s most well-known sights. The city’s year as the European Capital of Culture made culture a permanent part of Turku’s cityscape. From the viewpoint of travel, the most important attractions in the area also include Turku’s neighbouring town, Naantali. The most notable sights of the historically rich Naantali include the beautifully preserved Old Town, the Kultaranta summer residence of the President of Finland and the Moomin World theme park based on the stories of Tove Jansson.
Other coastal cities, Pori, Rauma, Uusikaupunki, Hanko and Raseborg and their nearby areas also offer plenty to see and experience. It only takes a moment to move from the idyllic city settings and local attractions to peaceful natural settings. Those travelling to Åland get to experience fascinating attractions, such as Kastelholm Castle, ancient monuments, medieval stone churches and, of course, stunning sights of the sea. 
The International Culture Association in Turku in collaboration with Finnish company SEM Consulting invites singers and musicians from all over to celebrate our festivals of music and arts. Participants from around the globe will have the chance to discover the beauty of the Northern country, combined with our international music events.

Dear friends!
You are in the heart of Finland - in its first capital, Turku. We really want to make you better know and love our beautiful, cozy and friendly city. We invite you to bus and walking tours of the city and its surroundings, museums and exhibitions.
Tasting of traditional Finnish cuisine in restaurants Harald, Koulu and Åboe Vetus (for the jury and leaders is free, for accompanying extra charge of 30 € per person (Traditional cranberry juice, strong drink, beer and national snacks , cake and coffee). The atmosphere of the restaurant «Harald» will help you and your friends back in time, in the days of the Vikings, when the feast lasted much longer than it is now. The restaurant Koulu is known for selection of beers, the restaurant Åboe Vetus is famous for delicious cakes.

Sightseeing tour of Turku for all the participants, jury members and accompanying (included)
An exciting trip on the bus at the ancient city of Finland - Turku, during which you will learn the history of the city and its main attractions such as Turku Castle, the Cathedral and Central Square. Available free time for independent walking on the central square. Duration is 2 hours. 
Tour for children in the castle of Turku, the cost is 20 €.
Turku Castle was founded in the 13th century. It played an important role in the wars of the Swedish crown. By the 16th century the castle was rebuilt in Renaissance style. In those days, residents of Turku could watch the brilliant life of the owners of the castle; balls and dresses in the latest fashions were an integral part of daily life of the castle. This tour offers young participants plunge into the life of a medieval castle, where every kid can feel like a knight and a girl - court lady!

our to Helsinki from the hotel Cumulus. The cost of 40 € per person. 

The City of Helsinki was founded by King Gustav Vaasa in 1550 at the mouth of the River Vantaa (Vantaanjoki), as a trading and seafaring town. In the XVIII century it was built the harsh stone walls Sveaborg sea fortress (Suomenlinna). 1812 Helsinki - the capital of the Grand Duchy, and from 1917 - the capital of independent Finland. Many of the historical attractions belong to the beginning of the XIX century, when around the Senate Square, created the administrative center. Taking a walk in the center of Helsinki, you can explore the city and its life. There are several complementary routes on which there are a lot of interests: the old and new architecture, sculptures, museums, department stores and specialty stores. The route passes through beautiful parks to places with a wonderful view of the sea. Historic buildings tell about the events that had a great influence on the development of the whole of Finland.

Fascinating voyage from Helsinki to Stockholm and back to Helsinki.

We invite you on a fascinating journey on the ship Viking Line from Helsinki to Stockholm and back to Helsinki, one day in Stockholm with our leader. The ship departs from Helsinki in the evening at 17.30, comes to Stockholm in the morning at 10.00, departs from Stockholm in the evening of the same day and arrives to Helsinki next morning at 10.10. On the ship, many restaurants and bars, game rooms and duty free shops. The program is filled with numerous concerts, disco, performances for children and adults.
A trip in the 4-seater cabin 50-75 € (cabins without windows) and 95-120 € (cabins with windows) per person (the price depends on the deck). The price includes boat trip with our leader through the city, who will guide to interesting places and museums. Lunch is charged separately! Choose from the many salads and appetizers, hot dishes, dessert, drinks (red and white wine, beer) and soft drinks, as well as tea and coffee. The menu of fish and meat specialties, seafood, fruits and vegetables, and special attention should be of course on dessert table! Lunch can buy in the ship. The number of participants in the
tour - at least 15 people.