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1. Travel to Turku:

Travel expenses to and from Turku are not included in the package fee.
You can travel:
- by air at the airports of Helsinki or Turku,
- by train from Moscow or St-Petersburg to Helsinki and then from Helsinki to Turku,
- by bus, car.


2. Transfer:

Transfer (railway station, hotel, train station) is guaranteed if the date, time, place, train and car, flight number are communicated to the organizers 30 days before the start of the competition.
Meeting participants at railway stations and airport, the city of Turku at an additional charge:  meeting and accompanying 30 € per person.
Meeting participants at the stations and the airport in Helsinki, a special bus (maximum 49 people) costs 650 €( information will be sent 30 days before the start of the competition).
Please include all the wishes in details and in advance in the application.

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