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The Scandinavian International Instrumental Music Competition - 2024 

Online Edition is open to participants of all nationalities.




The Scandinavian International Instrumental Music Competition is an online music competition for musicians around the world. The competition will hold online 2.-4.8.2024



Deadline for Application: 20 July 2024


Applications must include a completed application form, including uploads of:

  • Links to video performances uploaded to YouTube. Links should be provided directly in the application. Please make sure that the video is either public or unlisted before submitting your application and must remain so for the entire duration of the competition.

  • Passport, national ID or birth certificate, as proof of age

  • One high-resolution colour headshot photograph (300 dpi or higher), suitable for publicity purposes

  • All works must be performed from memory.

  • All results are final.

  • For further questions, please ask from

  • All applicants must submit a nonrefundable participation fee 50€ for soloist, 80€ duet, 120€ trio, 150€ quartet, 170€ quintet and 200€ for group from 6 people. The participation fee is payable after sending the application

  • Participation in several nominations is possible, while for each of them a separate application and the corresponding payment are provided.

  • Each participant may participate in different repertoire categories by additional participation fee 50€

  • To change a performance repertoire, a 25€ fee must be submitted by email no later than two weeks before the Competition.

  • The organizing committee will send an invoice for payment with bank details only after receiving an application for participation. Registration fee and payment for participation must be made before July 25, 2024. A scanned copy of confirmation of payment for application registration and participation must be sent to e-mail address:



  • Young Musicians 5-10 years old (not more than 5 min)

  • Juniors 11-14 years old (not more than 6 min)

  • Intermediate 15-18 years old (not more than 8 min)

  • Amateurs 19 years old and over (not more than 10 min)

  • College Students 18 years old and over (not more than 12 min)

  • Professional Musicians 20 years old and over (not more than 15 min)


Instrumental performance: violin, viola, violoncello, harp, guitar, piano, clarinet, flute, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, French horn, tube, percussion instruments (Marimba, Xylophone, Vibraphone, Timpani, Multi percussion), pianos duets “four hands”, organ, organ+ (instrumental ensembles where organ is presented), wind instruments (clarinet, flute, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, French horn), traditional/ folklore instruments, Chamber performance (duets, trios, quartets, and ensembles of more than 5 people up to 12 people). Ensembles can perform any instruments (string instruments, church music instruments, percussion instruments), chamber orchestras (more than 12 people), concertmasters’ performance (the participants of this category can perform with the vocal participants together. Vocalist illustrator does not get awards)



Applicant should choose two pieces ore one long (please note the time requirements) from the next program:



• The video recording must be made no earlier than January 1, 2024. It is allowed to use both professional and amateur video recordings, incl. from various concert venues, subject to all other requirements.

• The competitor sends all materials under the registration number.

• Competitive video material can be presented:

1)  in the form of one video recording, i.e. all works are performed in succession one after another and the recording should be made in one file without interruption and editing. Pauses in recording between compositions are allowed. The video recording must be signed as follows (for example, participant registration number - 15):

15_1_ Rusalka _2_Valse Triste _


2) or in the form of separate video recordings of competitive works, each file must be signed (registration number and title of a specific work in accordance with the sequence of performances), for example (participant registration number - 15):

15-_1_Valse Triste_ Sibelius 15-_2_Song of the minstrel_ Glazunov, etc. by the number of works of the declared competition program.

• Each piece should be shot in one continuous take. It is forbidden to process and correct vocals using any effects and edit video during performance.

• The video must clearly show the competitor (full height), the accompanist and the instrument (piano or grand piano).

• Exceeding the time limit for the execution of the competition program by more than 60 seconds is not allowed. If the video recording does not comply with the technical requirements of the Competition, the organizing committee has the right to demand that the video material be provided in the required quality or to reject the application.



All performances will be streamed on our website



Participants are evaluated in each nomination and age group separately. Those who took 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th places shall be awarded a diploma of I, II, III, IV, V and VI degrees in each age group. No cups or cash prizes will be awarded.


The competition results will be published on the website on August 15th, 2024.

The Organizing Committee send participants diplomas by e-mail from 18 to 23 of August 2024.


 All questions should be directed to our email address:

Special diplomas for EACH category include:

  • Best performance of Scandinavian piece

  • Best performance of a Baroque piece

  • Best performance of a Classical piece

  • Best performance of a Romantic piece

  • Best performance of a 21th century piece



The jury of the competition is composed of internationally recognized professional musicians and teachers. The decision made by the jury is not subject to revision.

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