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Dear participants,

Please note, due to Covid-19, the Organizing committee made decision that the JSFest: Choral and Vocal Competition JSFest

will be held online this year (12 – 15.11.2021).



Date of Competition: November 12 to November 15, 2021.

The competition shall be held remotely, in the absence of contestants.

For all participants the online competition shall be held in one round.

Deadline for applications is October 1, 2021.

The application form can be found on the website

Applications are to be sent by email to 

 After receiving an application from a contestant, he will get a personal registration number (the registration number will be send with invoice)

Please, note: Separate application for each nomination!


The Participation in the Competition is possible only in the First Round (requirements as for the First round).  

The participants, who are going to take part in the competition, must send to the Organizing Committee via e-mail the following documents before October 10th:

  • a photograph of the contestant

  • a photocopy of passport or birth certificate

  • videomaterial (YouTube links or MP4 files via WeTransfer)

Technical requirements: recorded works must be presented in separate files. Each file must also be named (the registration number and the name of each particular work).

For example (participant registration number-15):

15. 1-J. Sibelius, Valse Triste

15. 2-A. Glazunov, Song of the minestrel

and etc., by the number of works of the declared competition program.


Video recordinng requirements:
• The video recording must be made no earlier than January 1, 2020.
• Both professional and amateur recordings are permitted, subject to all other requirements.
• Each song should be shot in one continuous take. It is forbidden to process and correct vocals using any effects and edit video during performance.
The competitor can submit all required songs within one video recording. All works of the competition program are performed in succession one after another and the recording must be made in one file without interruption and editing. Pauses in recording between compositions are allowed.
• The video must clearly show the competitor (full height), the accompanist and the instrument (piano or grand piano).  All members of the choir/ensemble must be clearly visible.
• You can sing with a live pianist in your video.
Due to the COVID - 19 situation, in the 2021 competition, we are allowing the singer to use the recorded accompaniment. The accompaniment should be piano or keyboards only. The phonogram (backing track) should not contain anything but music.
Orchestral accompaniment and backing tracks created in MIDI format are not allowed.
• Exceeding the time limit for the execution of the competition program by more than 60 seconds is not allowed.
If the video recording does not comply with the technical requirements of the Competition, the organizing committee has the right to demand that the video material be provided in the required quality or reject the application.

Registration fee and participation payment:

Application registration: 30 €. Should the applicant cancel his participation, this amount is not refundable.
Cost of participation: €70 / soloist, € 110 / duo, € 130 / trio and € 140 / quartet, €160 quintet.

Ensembles starting from five peoples pay € 200.


 The registration fee and the participation payment must be effected before October 10, 2021

A scanned copy of confirmation of payment for application registration must be sent to e-mail address:



The jury of Jean Sibelius Competition consists of internationally recognized professional singers, musicians and teachers.



Participants are evaluated in each nomination and age group separately: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th places shall be awarded a diploma of I, II, III, IV, V and VI degrees in each age group. It may be possible that some special diplomas will be granted.


The competition results will be published on the website on November 16, 2021.

The Organizing Committee send participants diplomas by e-mail from 18 to 23 of November 2021.


Please, ask us for more information by email:


Best regards,
Svetlana Myhkyrä,
the president of the International Cultural association of Turku (Finland)
Kari Tukia,
the chairman Organizing committee

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