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102 Qiaoen Wu_edited.jpg

Qiaoen Wu, piano

My name is Wu Qiaoen, and I am a third grade student from Beijing Elementary School. At the age of eight, I obtained the Level 9 Piano Certificate from the Central Conservatory of Music. I have won several consecutive gold and first prizes in various competitions such as the KAWAI Piano Competition, Beijing Art Festival, Emperor's International Art Competition, China Europe International Youth Competition, and the Central Conservatory of Music Talent Performance.
I really like the piano, and I will put in effort and persistence for it. I hope that in the future, under the guidance and guidance of teachers, I can continue to improve on the path of piano.

27 Medina Sagimbay.jpg

Medina Sagimbay, piano

Medina Sagimbay was born on January 20, 2013 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She started playing the piano at the age of 6. 2023 she graduated from the 4th grade at the A. Zhubanov Republic Music School for gifted children (speciality piano) in Almaty (Kazakhstan).

34 Mahiro Fukuda_edited.jpg

Mahiro Fukuda, piano

Mahiro has been studying piano since the age of 4 with Hiroko Takahashi and then with Rintaro Akamatsu since the age of 7. He is currently in the third grade.
-2020, Gold prize at the Chopin International Piano Competition in Asia (preschool category)
-2020, 2nd prize at the Japan Classical Music Competition (under 6 old category)
-2021, top 32 contestants at the national PTNA Piano Competition (under 2nd garde category)
-2023, Gold prize and the Soloist prize at the Chopin International Piano Competition in Asia (under 2nd grade category)

26 Dmitry Nikonov_edited.jpg

Dmitry Nikonov, piano

Dmitry Nikonov was born on July 12, 2011 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He graduated from the 4th grade of the School of Arts of Almaty (speciality piano). 2023 he won the third prize at the 56th piano competition "Young Musician " (Almaty, Kazakhstan). 2021 he won Grand Prix at the 6th EURASIA PIANOFORUM International Piano Training Competition.

57 Georgii Gritsenko_pianophoto_edited_edited.jpg

Georgii Gritsenko, piano

Georgii Gritsenko started to play the piano at the age of 6 years old at Chopin's school in Moscow, class of A.A.Kudrjashov. He participated in different music competitions in Moscow and Europe, such as "Music project" (1 prize), "Con fuoco" (1 prize), "Silk way" (1 prize), "Online Piano Competiti on for the Youth in Europe" (2 prize), and others. Georgii enjoys composing music pieces.          He adores perfoming for an audience and appreciates bringing joy to those who come to see hi m play.He dreams of becoming a professional piano player in the future. He wants to bring hap piness to people through playing his music. He is looking forward to take part in this competition.

47 Magdaléna Kovářová_edited.jpg

Magdaléna Kovářová, piano

My name is Magdalena Kovářová. I`m ten years old. I have played the piano since my seven . Currently headed by Libuše Vondráčková. I can`t imagine my life without piano playing and my dream is studying at music academy. The competition I took part: Prague Junior Note 2021- first price, XXI International Juliusz Zarebski Music Competition, 2021 - first price, laureat, 21st Concorso Internazionale Florestano Rossomandi, Bovino, 2021 - first price, laureat, The Bach`s Journey, Czech republic 2021 - firs. price, laureat. The concerts I have played: Prague Spring, Church st.Simon and Juda,15/5/2022, National Festival Smetana`s Litomyšl, 26/6/2022

115 Tai Kwan Ki James Piano_PHOTO-2023-07-31-16-45-41 (1).jpg

Tai Kwan Ki James, piano

Hi, I am James. I am 11 years old and I love music and art. I am now in UK Bristol.

I like expressing myself through ,music and I am happy to participate in the competition

28 Sanzhar  Truspekov.jpg

Sanzhar  Truspekov, piano

Sanzhar Truspekov was born on November  04, 2007 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. He graduated from the 9th grade at the A. Zhubanov Republic Music School for gifted children (speciality piano, class of G. B. Mukhamedzhanova).

44 Alina Turysbekova_edited.jpg

Alina Turysbekova, piano

Turysbekova Alina was born  in Almaty. From an early age,even in kindergarden,she had an ability for music. At the age of 6,she entered the Republican Music School for gifted children named after Kulyash Baiseitova. Now she is studying in the class of teacher Anna Pestova. 
She participated in such competitions as Fiestalonia Milenium,Fiestalonia.World Games,
Kogan's Competition and others.And not only as a soloist,but also as a member of chamber ensemble's and concertmaster.

74 Ziyao Liu piano_edited.jpg

Ziyao Liu, piano

In 2018, she was admitted to the Affiliated Middle School of Tianjin Conservatory of Music and studied piano performance under Feng Wanqi, during which she received individual guidance from many piano educators at home and abroad. In 2021,  was admitted to Tianjin Juilliard School for Piano Preparatory major and studied under Dr. Alvin Zhu. During her piano studies, she also learned composition theory, and created a four-hand piano piece "Mysterious Journey" in 2020. She has also participated in many domestic symphony concerts and piano concertos as a pianist of the China Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.

75 Yiping Li.jpg

Yiping Li, piano  

My name is Yiping Li, I'm 17 years old. I have learned piano since from 5 years old. Playing the piano is one of the worthest things in my life. I feel pleasant when I playing the piano, in my daily life, it just like a friend who company me for a long time even in my lonely time. I will continue playing the piano in the future.

127 Irena Kielbasinska_edited_edited.jpg

Irena Kielbasinska, piano

Irena Kielbasinska was born in 2006. He studies at the Complex of State Music Schools named after Feliks Nowowiejski in Szczecin in the piano class of Aleksandra Pstrągowska. She loves music in all its forms. She is a laureate of piano, chamber (piano duet and a duet with a clarinetist) and composition competitions on a national and international scale. Irena perfected her skills at the 11th International Piano Course in Katowice with professors Zbigniew Raubo, Carlo Palese and Tamás Ungár. She is also interested in jazz music. She was awarded the title of "Artistic Individuality" for her artistic and concert activities.

129 Wiktor Wahl_edited_edited.jpg

Wiktor Wahl, piano

Wiktor was born in Łódź on December 1, 2006. 06.2023 - currently studying in the 4th grade of the General Music School of the 1st and 2nd degree. Henryk Wieniawski in Łódź, under the supervision of prof. Wojciech Kubica. Wiktor participated in many Polish and International piano courses and master classes under the guidance of professors such as: Naum Grubert, Giuseppe Guarrera, Olga Łazarska, Joanna Ławrynowciz-Just, Paweł Zawadzki, Karol Radziwonowicz, Joanna Domańska, Zofia Antes, Andrzej Jasiński.
- December 2020: Internationaller Klavierwettbewerb Gloria Artis in Vienna - honorable mention.
- November 2021: participated in the Project "Polish Camerata for its city" - performed the solo part of the Piano Concerto in B major by W. A. Mozart with the Polish Camerata orchestra, under the direction of prof. Marek Głowacki.
- April 2022: 2nd International Piano Competition "Chopin Plus" - 1st prize.
- June 2022: Polish Radio Chopin, Alternative Competition II - honorable mention for the performance of F. Chopin's Ballade.
- February 2023: III International Gloria Artis Music Competition, Vienna 2023 - 1st prize.
- April 2023: participated in II International Gloria Artis Talents Festival 5th Concert in Baroksaal im Allen Rathaus in Vienna.

39 Anastassiya Yermolayeva_edited.jpg

Anastassiya Yermolayeva, piano

Yermolayeva Anastassia was born in the East Kazakhstan region in the city of Zyryanovsk, where in 2015 she graduated from the children's music school in piano class, with teacher Mamilyanova S.V. In 2019 she graduated from the East Kazakhstan College of Arts named after People's Artists of the Abdullin brothers, in Ust-Kamenogorsk, with teacher Romanova N.V. In 2023 she graduated from the Kazakh National Conservatory named after Kurmangazy, the teacher Sepp M.Ya. In Astana, Anastassiya participated in the 2nd Republican Olympiad in music-theoretical subjects in the nomination "Music Theory" and took third place. In 2019, in Astana, she received a diploma of the third degree at the 3rd International Competition in Music-theoretical subjects in the nomination "solfeggio / harmony- music theory".  In her creative activity, she plans don't stop there on the results achieved and wants to continue to develop and apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

40 Abdikerim Medina_edited_edited.jpg

Abdikerim Medina, piano

My name is Medina. I was born in Almaty on June 1,2001. I graduated from the Republican Kazakh Specialized Boarding School for Talented Children named after Akhmet Zhubanov.  In the classroom of the teacher Sepp Maya Yaakovna. Graduated from the Kazakh National Conservatory named after Kurmangazy. In the classroom of the teacher Sepp Maya Yaakovna. Participated in contests: Laureate of the 1st degree competition-festival "new generation" inside of the program "Modernization of public consciousness". And in the future 
i also want to continue to reach new goals.

94 Saya Yamamoto_edited.jpg

Saya Yamamoto, piano

Osaka college of Music April 2022〜Current.
Franz Liszt Center International Piano Competition Online 2022:Category D → First Prize/Danubia Talents Liszt International Music Competition Online 2022:Category D → Second Prize/2015~2017  BUDAPEST Interntional Piano Masterclass at LISZT FEREC ACADEMY OF MUSIC
Study under Rintaro Akamatsu, Tatemura Tatsuko, and Miki Shigeno.

41-kadessova makpal_cr_edited.jpg

Makpal Kadessova, piano


82 Mi Zijing_edited_edited.jpg

Mi Zijing, piano

My name is Mi Zijing, I'm 9 years old. I have learned piano since from 4 years old. I enjoy the joy brought by music, and I prefer the charm of letting my fingertips dance with music.

24 Eva Gidenko- Ева Гиденко _edited_edited.jpg

Eva Gidenko, piano

My name is Eva Gidenko, i live in Moscow. I study to play the piano at the Alexander Grechaninov School of Arts, my teacher - Olga Stepanovna Milyukova. Music plays an important role in my life. I simply can’t live without music. I like to practice solfeggio, composition, and I love to sing. Music classes for me are the main source of power and inspiration, so I intend to evolve in this direction. I seriously consider entering the Moscow Conservatory, after I’ve graduated from school. My music school and my wonderful teachers ar.

113 Ho Long Lee Aiden.jpg

Ho Long Lee Aiden, piano

Hi, my name is Aiden. I am now 14 years old and I started playing music since 9.

I enjoy playing music as I can play music I like as entertainment.

I am first attend the International competition but I

think it is a chance to share what I learnt previous time.

81 Hamako Yamasaki  _edited_edited_edited.jpg

Hamako Yamasaki, piano

Hanako started learning pianos when she was 3 years old. She has been a member of the Sanda Piano Academy directed by Prof Rintaro Aakamatsu since 2015. Hanako has received a number of prizes and awards in significant piano competitions including: 1st Prize in 9th International Piano Competition "Citta di San Donadi Piave" (Section 1 Cat D); 1st Prize in 2021 Sergei Rachmaninoff International Online Piano Competition (Cat E); and 1st Prize in Medici International Music Competition. She continues to participate in various competitions.

116 Agastya Batchu_edited.jpg

Agastya Batchu, piano

Agastya Batchu is a rising fifth-year student at the Juilliard Preparatory Division in New York City, where he is a French Horn major, and a rising 11th Grade student at Newark Academy in Livingston, New Jersey. He studies the piano with Charu Suri and has played piano since the age of three. He has taken various piano intensives including Manhattan School of Music Summer and New England Music Camp. Agastya also plays the French Horn, and he studies under Javier E. Gándara-Barnett. At school, he is also a member of the award-winning Newark Academy Big Band. He has won various awards for his piano performance.

118 (119) Jakub Olechowski_edited_edited.jpg

Jakub Olechowski, piano

Jakub Olechowski was born in 2007. He studies at the Complex of State Music Schools named after Feliks Nowowiejski in Szczecin in the piano class of Aleksandra Pstragowska. He is a laureate of national and international piano competitions. Jakub enjoys performing as a soloist and chamber musician. He creates a duo with a saxophonist. He also started studying composition. Jakub perfected his skills at piano courses with Michał Francuz, Wojciech Kubica and Giuseppe Bruno.

30 Kokone Ono photograph_edited.jpg

Kokone Ono, piano

2016 International Chopin Piano Competition in ASIA, Junior High School Category, 2nd Prize. 2022 Danubia Talents Piano Competition, Cat.F1st prize. 2022 OSAKA International Music Competition, Age-U, 2nd Prize.

A 3rd-year-student of Hokkaido University of Education. Participated cumpus selected concerts. I am going to participate '' The 6th Talent Summer Courses'' in this summer.

I'm learning Akamatsu Rintaro, Emika Ninomiya and Reiko Nagai.

36 Igor Oleksenko .jpg

Igor Oleksenko, piano

Igor Oleksenko was born in 1973 in Belgorod (Russia). He received his first piano lessons at the music school named after Reinhold Glière in Almaty, Kazakhstan and graduated this school with honors in 1988.

Since 1988 he has continued his musical education at the Almaty Tchaikovsky Musical College in the class of S. Ostrovskaya. The following years he participated in several republican piano competitions (Temirtau, Kazakhstan). 1992 he graduated this Almaty Tchaikovsky Musical College.

From 1992 to 1999 he studied at the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory. He graduated from the Conservatory and postgraduate studies with the distinction under the direction of Professor S. Massover.

In 1995 he participated in the International Nury Khalmamedov Piano Competition in Ashgabat (Turkmenistan) and received Diploma.

Since 2000 he is a piano teacher at the Department of Special Piano and an accompanist of the highest category in the class of Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor S. Kurmangalieva (operatic soprano). From 2000 to 2009 he participated in department concerts, «Romansiade» international vocal competitions, masterclasses and International Rachmaninov Music festival. Igor Oleksenko constantly gives concerts with soloists such as Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhamilya Baspakova (soprano), Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Talgat Mussabayev (baritone), N. Usenbayeva, J. Tapin.  He performed in Kazakhstan (Almaty, Astana), Russia (Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk), China (Hong Kong). 

From 2008 to 2009 he was an accompanist in the class of Raissa Borshchevskaya (soprano) at the Saint-Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Music College, where he confirmed his qualification of «accompanist of the highest category» (Russian certification).

Since 2009 he is a piano teacher of the Department of General Piano at the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory.

In 2011 he was the finalist of the XIV International Tchaikovsky Competition as an accompanist with a soloist of the Kazakh National Opera and Ballet Theatre after Abai Oxana Davydenko (soprano) and received Diploma of the competition.

From 2019 to 2022 he has been the Head of the Department of General Piano of the Faculty of Instrumental Performance of the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory. Since 2022 he is the associate professor of the Department of General Piano of the Faculty of Instrumental Performance of the Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory.

Many of his students received the titles of the laureates of international piano competitions. Igor Oleksenko often joins the jury (Eurasia Piano Forum in Astana (Kazakhstan), International Piano Competition named after E. Bliznyuk in Novosibirsk (Russia).

He published 6 collections for students of the conservatory in the courses «General Piano» and «The Art of Vocal Accompanied». His recent collection called «55 vocal warm-ups on the piano».

Since 2018 Igor Oleksenko is the Holder of the order «Kurmet».

128 Yeung Wing Chun Edwin_edited_edited.jpg

Yeung Wing Chun Edwin, piano

Edwin has been learning piano since 8 year old. He is very enthsiastic in romantic pieces, partuclary Chopin's piece. He enjoys playing piano very much and he was the winner in varies competitions. He has the sense of creativity when play songs by forming a story in any piece.

It leads to his succes in the competitions by receiving numerous comments from the adjudicators.

50 Sparkling keys_edited.jpg

Sparkling keys, piano

"Sparkling keys" duo was formed in spring 2023. It consists of Daria Naumova and Alexandra Karpuntsova.

Daria (IT business analyst) studied harp at the music school for three years. Throughout different periods of her life, she was learning to play various musical instruments, including guitar, ukulele, violin, and block flute. Daria started studying piano in 2021 and became a laureate of the International Talent Competition "Music Way" in 2022.

Alexandra (pastry cook) graduated from the music school in 2000 specializing in choir singing, but she always aspired to play piano as much as possible. In her adult life, she continues to study piano and vocal with various teachers, participates in creative events and concerts.

 Both of us love playing in an ensemble. It's fascinating to overcome difficulties together while learning a piece and then enjoy the progress. We chose the program for this competition quite quickly, and it was no coincidence that our favorite composers and their works matched!

45 Sayo Yamamoto_edited.jpg

Sayo Yamamoto, piano

Graduated from the music department of Nishinomiya High School in Hyogo Prefecture and is currently attending a special piano player course at Osaka College of Music under Prof. Rintaro Akamatsu.
So far, she has won many awards including the European International Music Competition, the Ashiya Music Competition, the Hyogo Prefectural Superintendent of Education Award, and the Yangtze Cup Music Contest.

89 Mamika Hamamoto.jpg

Mamika Hamamoto, piano

Born in Osaka, Japan, Mamika Hamamoto began her piano studies at age 7. She is studying with Rintaro Akamatsu. She entered Osaka College of Music as a scholarship student.She has been selected as a Traumerei Music Foundation Scholar.She belongs to Osaka College of Music Piano Performer Special Course. She has won numerous awards including first prize winner at The Beethoven Young Musician Competition. She takes Eve Henri's master class on an irregular basis.She has been activating performed since she was 16.

42 Masakazu Nagaishi_edited.jpg

Masakazu Nagaishi, piano

Masakazu Nagaishi was born in 1985 in Tokyo, Japan. Currently, he is engaged in the development of fuel cell vehicles and electric vehicles as an engineer. When he was 30 years old, he restarted playing the piano. He has won the Gold Prize in the International Piano Competition in Chita 2021, 1st Prize in the Shimoda International Music Competition 2021, 1st Prize in the Gifu International Music Festival Competition 2022, Gold Prize in the Beten Music Competition 2022, 2nd Prize in the Tokyo International Youth Piano Competition 2022, 1st Prize in the Saitama International Music Competition 2023.

132 Yuma Yoshida _piano IMG_7500.jpg

Yuma Yoshida, piano

When I was 3 years old, I started to practice the piano. Also, chemistry is my favorite. I first met chemistry in science experiment school when I was 8. I participated in 52nd International Chemistry Olympiad and won the silver medal. Chemical experiments were my daily routine in hige school. Programing is also my skill, C++ or Python commonly used. Recently, I enjoy cooking, driving, and gaming.

38 Rio Mizuta piano _edited_edited_edited.jpg

Rio Mizuta, piano

From Hyogo in Japan. The 1st grader at Osaka College of Music, as a member of the special course for pianists and music performers. In 2022, won the 1st prize in the Tokyo International Piano Competition, the 3rd prize in the Gyula Kiss International Piano Competition, and the 4th prize in the Classic Music Competition in Japan. Have learned as a student of Rintaro Akamatsu, Hiroshi Arimori, Reimi Takemoto, and Ryutaro Kamon.

70 Charlotte Ngo.png

Charlotte Ngo, harp

From an early age, Charlotte has demonstrated an extraordinary talent and passion for the harp.

At the age of five, she began her musical journey, quickly garnering attention for her remarkable skills.

As a two-time finalist competitor in the prestigious American Harp Society. National Harp Competition,

Charlotte has consistently displayed her dedication to the craft.

In 2022, Charlotte achieved another significant milestone, winning first place in the Young Musician category at the

American Protégé International Competition of Romantic Music.

This accomplishment led to an invitation to perform at the iconic Carnegie Hall, further cementing her position as a leading

talent in the world of harp music.

Later that year, Charlotte traveled to Europe to compete in the 4th Vienna International Competition,

where she won the Silver Medal. Her unwavering dedication to her art and ability to captivate audiences with her

performances has earned her recognition on the international stage.

In 2023, Charlotte was accepted into the advanced orchestra of the Mainly Mozart Youth Orchestra, a prestigious

ensemble featuring some of the most talented young musicians. With her exceptional talent and an ever-growing list of

accomplishments, Charlotte continues to make her mark on the world of classical music and inspire a new generation of harpists

86 Ela Erbanová_edited.jpg

Ela Erbanová, harp

Ela Erbanová was born in Bohemia. Ela found an interest in the harp herself from the age of 7.

 Under the wonderful leadership of the teacher Ana Bbrateljevic, she is motivated and inspired to an interesting life of harpists. .Her expression is sensitive and inner, just like herself. Ela would like to be interested in the modern concept of harp playing and contemporary harp.

46 (79)Gianni Chung,_edited_edited.jpg

Gianni Chung, harp

Gianni Chung lives in San Carlos, California and is a rising senior at Crystal Springs Uplands School. 
Gianni started playing music with the piano at age 7 but later picked up the harp at age 11 and has been studying with Alexandra Perdew ever since. Gianni won the Charleston International Music Competition (First Prize in 2022,
Second Prize in 2021), the Arpademia Celtic Harp Competition (First Prize in 2022, Third Prize in 2021), and was selected as the Most Promising Performer at the 2021 KPU Int'l Music Festival, achieving Gold Standing judged by Nancy Allen. Besides music, Gianni also competes on the basketball court for his school and club team. In addition, he is serving as a youth climate ambassador for the San Mateo County’s Office of Sustainability. He is also an entrepreneur as he launched his own non-profit organization, From Farm to Family, a platform that bridges the gap between local farmers and low-income communities.

76 Yin-Chien CHANG_edited_edited.jpg

Yin-Chien Chang, harp 

Yin- Chien was born in Taipei, Taiwan. Currently enrolled in the first year of the Music Class at Kuang Jen Catholic High School, specializes in harp and piano.

Started learning the piano and percussion at the age of 6 and began studying the harp at the age of 12. Presently, he is under the guidance of teachers Ms. Huang Yu-Ting and Ms. Chiu Meng-Lu.

Awards and Achievements:

1st Place, Harp Solo - Junior High School Music Class Category, 2020 Spring Asia-Pacific International Music Competition.

2nd Place, Harp Solo- Junior High School Music Class Category, Taiwan Music Competition, 2021.

1st Place, Harp Solo- Junior High School Music Class Category, Taiwan Music Competition, 2022.

65 Alisa Sadikova,.jpg

Alisa Sadikova, harp

Alisa Sadikova is a Laureate of Many International Harp Competitions, winner of the Prize Maestro Yuri Temirkanova, winner of an individual grant from the Maestro Foundation Vladimir Spivakov, the owner of two crystal stars. Alisa Sadikova - soloist of the World International Harp Congresses in 2014 in Sydney (Australia) and in 2017 in Hong Kong (China). She is the official representative and creative face of the Salvi Foundation. Alisa Sadikova has recorded five CDs (in Germany, Russia, France and Belgium), performed as a soloist in the international tour with Sarah Brightman (26 concerts in 16 countries) "Royal Christmas
Gala". She has performed solo concerts in Russia, Germany, Italy, France, Israel, Switzerland, Austria. She has performed as a soloist with orchestras in Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, Italy and Russia. Alisa Sadikova from 2021 to the present is a student at the Juilliard School of Music, USA, New York. Teacher: Nancy Allen

93 (96) Law Lai Ting.jpg

Law Lai Ting, harp

I am Law Lai Ting
It's my first time participating in this kind of competition.
,come for Hong Kong.
I hope to gain experience in this competition.
I also want to face different challenges through this competition
Whether I succeed or fail, I will keep going .
So I will wholeheartedly strive for my goal and constantly strive to improve myself.
I also want to show myself and broaden my horizons through this time.

31 Klára Brabcová  _edited.jpg

Klára Brabcová, harp 

At the age of 4 Klára started playing the piano and at the age of 6 she added the harp. Now she is a student of a harpist Barbora Plachá at the Music School in Prague. She participated in the masterclasses with Katerina Englichová, Isabelle Moretti, Nicoletta Sanzin etc. As a young talent she has performed at several music festivals and she cooperated with the State Opera Prague on the project for children "Let´s go to the opera". She has won several international harp competitions in Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Argentina or Hong Kong.

97 (98) Tan Tsz Hei Haylie_edited_edited.jpg

Tan Tsz Hei Haylie, harp

My name is Tan Tsz Hei Haylie. I come from HongKong. I am an 11-year-old girl. I have learnt the harp for about six years. I stopped for a while, but after studying under Miss Charlie, she inspired me on how to practice and how to be a complete musician.

My favourite piece was  Sonatina No.6 in E Flat Major by Dussek, because the melody was so catchy and I can sing along when I was practicing. During my practice, I had a lot of difficulties,such as the beats, I tried many different methods but I found out that when I look at the needle of the Metronome I can count the beats correctly . I hope I can get more good results in the future.

33 Aleksandra Radovanovic_edited_edited.jpg

Aleksandra Radovanovic, harp

Aleksandra Radovanovic has been attending harp classes since she was 9 year old. She has finished primary school and at the moment is finishing 3rd class of High School, at Musical School "Mokranjac" in class of Prof. Dijana Sretenovic. In last two years, she achieved excellent results on many competitions in country. In 2021 - she won First place on Republic Compettion in her category with 99 points. In 2022 - she won First Place on International Harp Competition held in Novi Sad.
+Since,I can not write till end description in your form, here I am adding some more details:
Aleksandra Radovanovic has been attending harp classes since she was 9 year old. She has finished primary school and at the moment is finishing 3rd class of High School, at Musical School "Mokranjac" in class of Prof. Dijana Sretenovic. In last two years, she achieved excellent results on many competitions in country. In 2021 - she won First place on Republic Compettion in her category with 99 points. In 2022 - she won First Place on International Harp Competition held in Novi Sad.
During 2023, Aleksandra's achievements are as follows:
- 3rd place, golden plaque, 97 points in International Harp Competition held on April 1st in Slovenia, as well as special Jury award for required composition
- 1st place, 100 points , golden plaques and special Jury award for composition by domestic composed at Memororijal "MIlica Baric" held on May 27th in Belgrade
Except the above mentioned, she won a lot of first places in many of local competitions in Serbia.

52 Sofia Moiseeva.jpg

Sofia Moiseeva, harp

My career in music began when I began taking both harp and piano classes at the age of 5. For many following years, I attended Musical school at Academic College of Moscow Conservatoire (piano class and harp class). At the same time, I studied at Musical school of Gnesins Academy. I have won several international competitions. I strive to be better, so I take part in the Scandinavian International Instrumental Music Competition.

29 Tomáš Feltl.jpg

Tomáš Feltl, harp

Tomáš Feltl was first introduced to harp at the age of 4 at a performance by Prah-a-harP quartet. He immediately liked the harp and insisted that he wanted to play it. He started playing the harp at the age of 5 at FZUŠ HAMU Stodůlky with Kamila Jouzová. In 2021, he won a gold award in the Crazy Harp Challenge and 2nd prize at the II. Harp competition show of the ZUŠ.

In addition to music, he enjoys swimming and playing chess.

32 Urszula Smoła  .JPG

Urszula Smoła, harp 

My name is Urszula Smoła. I'm nine years old. I have been learning to play the Harp for two years. Playing the harp gives me a lot of joy, it is my greatest passion. I like to perform energetic and joyful songs like Baroque Flamenco. My favorite composer is Deborah Henson Conant and Agnieszka Grela-Fedkowicz. Besides playing the harp, I like to ride a bike with my family.

80 Tina Pantaleo .jpg

Tina Pantaleo, harp

Tina has always looked for her way from a very young age: in playing, in inventing stories, in looking at the world. And then, from the age of five, also into music, starting to play the harp. She chose her instrument independently because she recognizes herself in its calm and gentle sound. In addition to putting a lot of effort into studying, she feels the need to improvise pieces of her own invention to describe her moods. When she performs a song she always tries to convey emotions.

83 Maja Locatelli_edited_edited.jpg

Maja Locatelli, harp

Maja Locatelli was born in Slovenia in 2013 in a family of musicians and at the age of 5 she discovered her passion for harp in the class of teacher Tatiana Donis. Since than she won many first and absolute first prizes in varius international competitions: Giovani Talenti di Gorizia Competition 2020 (1st prize 96/100), Arpademia for Celtic Harp 2021 (2nd prize 97,77/100), Glowing Harp Competition 2021 (special mention Musical expression and special prize for the best execution of the obbligatory piece), Idrijska Cipka-Slovenia 2021 (1st absolute prize 98,5/100), International competition Celeia 2022 (1st prize 98,33/100 with the ensemble “Girotondo d’Arpe),  2nd International competition  Arpademia for Celtic Harp 2022 (1st absolute prize 99/100 and 1st absolute prize with the Ensemble Girotondo d’Arpe 100/100), 5th International competition Giovani Talenti Gorizia 2022 (1st absolute prize 100/100), 6th International harp competition Velenje 2023 (gold diploma), 3rd International harp competition Arpademia 2023 (1st  absolute prize with duo Les Mati’100/100), 6th International competition Giovani Talenti Gorizia 2023 (1st absolute prize 98/100 and special prize Germano Milosa, 1st absolute prize with duo Les Mati’ 98/100), 3rd Internationale competition Mozart 2023 (1st absoltue prize 100/100). In August  2021 she graduated at the Royal school of Music of London the Grade 3 online exam with Distinction. She partecipated at many masterclasses with famous harp teachers. Maja was invited to play in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

85 Duo Les MaTì - Maja Locatelli, Tina Pantaleo_edited_edited.jpg

Duo Les MaTì - Maja Locatelli, Tina Pantaleo, harp

Maja and Tina started their personal musical journey very early, at the age of 5. They independently chose the instrument of the harp, in which they fully identify.
Different and complementary: Maja instinctive, resourceful and energetic, Tina reflective, sensitive and creative. The experiment of the duo "Les MaTì" began in December 2022 with surprising results: the girls complement each other, stimulate each other, encourage each other, have fun and find a fulfilling synergy.

130 (131) So Young Lee _edited.jpg

So Young Lee, violin and viola

I started playing the violin when I was 9 years old. My dad likes music, so I naturally developed a love for music too. I always figure out what the composer had in mind when they composed the piece and I try to express my feelings when I play. I like to travel and play with other musicians in a new place. I get inspried from them and how they interpret thier music. I also like to play with other musicians in an orchestra that's why I'm playing and learnig as academist in the NDR orchestra.

54 Ivan Drygin _edited.jpg

Ivan Drygin, violin and viola

He has been studying the violin since the age of 7 at the Moscow Music School with the honored teacher Fishman Irina Yakovlevna. At the moment, he is studying under the program of pre-professional education and intends to receive a specialized higher education. He likes to study new works and quickly and enthusiastically masters them. Demanding to himself, efficient, happy to participate in the work of the school ensemble. Laureate of international and city competitions and participant of report concerts at the music school.

125 Jueun Ryu _edited.jpg

Jueun Ryu, violin and viola

I started learning the violin in 2013, which means I have been playing the violin since I was 4 years old. I love traveling and have visited countries like the United States, Japan, Canada, and Italy. Whenever I travel, my friend, the violin, is always with me. I dream of becoming a member of an orchestra that tours the world. That way, I can combine my two passions: traveling to my favorite destinations and performing music. While hoping for that day to become a reality, I continue to challenge myself. Applying for the Scandinavian International Music Competition is also part of my ongoing challenges.

122 Gayun Kim  (2)_edited_edited.jpg

Gayun Kim, violin and viola

The violin makes a variety of sounds. Especially for me, the violin is my voice.
So, I love it.
I will do my best every time for impression.

117 Jan Karpala .jpg

Jan Karpala, violin and viola

Jan Karpała - violinist, born in Cracow, Poland, where have finished music school of the first and second degree named after M. Karłowicz.
Currently studying at the Cracow Music Academy in prof. Piotr Tarcholik and msc. Mateusz Kasprzak - Łabudziński violin class. 
Apart from taking part in concerts as an orchestra member or soloist, enjoys various types of musical events.
Privately - lover of travelling, hiking and street workout.

99 Szymon Krajewski _edited_edited.jpg

Szymon Krajewski, violin and viola

Szymon Krajewski began learning to play the violin at the age of 7. Currently, he is a student of the 4th class of the Second Degree Music School in Łomża in the class of Mrs. Monika Zarzycka. He is a laureate of many competitions in Poland and abroad (for example: International Viennese Spring Music competition in Vienna, The National Violin Competition of students of 1st and 2nd degree schools "Jak Wieniawski" in Lublin and The Youth Solo Violin Competition named after Tadeusz Wronski in Tomaszow Mazowiecki). He played as a soloist with the Chamber Philharmonic named after Witold Lutoslawski in Lomza.

22 Haixiang Ge, _edited.jpg

Haixiang Ge, violin and viola

Ge Haixiang, a passionate violist, has carved an impressive path in both orchestral and chamber music. Graduating with first prize in viola from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 2020, he later earned his master's from the Tianjin Juilliard School in 2022, where he held prominent roles as principal violist for both the Tianjin Juilliard Orchestra and String Orchestra.
His talent shines through his solo performances, such as his remarkable rendition of Stravinsky's Pulcinella Suite and Bartók's Viola Concerto, the latter leading to his triumph at the 2023 Ball State Concerto Competition. Moreover, Ge's remarkable performance at the 2022 Festival Connect further illustrates his prowess as a soloist.
His orchestral contributions are equally impressive. He was the Principal Violist of the Asian Youth Orchestra in 2019 and the associate principal violist for the Shanghai Conservatory of Music Orchestra during his undergraduate years, participating in concerts of national significance. His engagements also included guest performances with the Shanghai Philharmonic and the Suzhou Symphony Orchestra.
In addition to his performance accolades, Ge's dedicated academic pursuits have led him to further studies at the University of Miami, studying under esteemed professors. Ge's blend of academic pursuit, solo and orchestral achievements encapsulates his exceptional creative journey, contributing significantly to his position as a rising star in the viola world.

56 Duo Borisov Kirill, Borisov Arseniy, .jpg

Duo Borisov Kirill, Borisov Arseniy, guitar

Borisov Kirill is studying at the Children's Art School No. 8 of the city of. Balashikha since 2019. He performs as a solo artist and in a duet with his brother. He is a laureate of city, regional, international, all-Russian, zonal competitions, winner of the Grand Prix, holder of special diplomas and special prizes for the best performance. He has been performing in a duet with his brother since 2020 and during this time he also became the owner of special diplomas in various competitions as the best duet and Grand Prix winner. Participant of Gala concerts as well as solo and city concerts.

Borisov Arseniy is studying at the Children's Art School No. 8 of the city of. Balashikha since 2016. He performs as a solo artist and in a duet with his brother. He is a laureate of city, regional, international, all-Russian, zonal competitions. He has been performing in a duet with his brother since 2019 and during this time he has won special diplomas in various competitions as the best duet and a Grand Prix winner. Participant of Gala concerts as well as solo and city concerts.

49 Alexandrina Tokareva _edited.jpg

Alexandrina Tokareva, flute

Alexandrina has been playing flute since she was 4 years old. She is a 4th grader at the College of Music and Drama named after G.P. Vishnevskaya at the class of Dolzhikova Ella, President of the Charity for Cultural Development, prizewinner of international competitions and soloist of the Moscow Symphony Orchestra "Russian Philharmonic". Alexandrina is a prizewinner of many competitions including International competition named after Yu.N. Dolzhikov - 1st prize in 2022, 2nd prize in 2023, I Moscow open games of arts - 1st prize, Gliere autumn competition - 2nd prize, III International competition AVIS - 2nd prize. She participates in various master classes and flute festivals, performs with the youth orchestra. As a soloist Alexandrina performed with the Chamber orchestra "Antonio-orchestra" at the Small Hall of Moscow Conservatory.

53 Eva Dergunova  (2)_edited.jpg

Eva Dergunova, flute

I have been practicing the flute since I was 6 years old, from the age of 8 I additionally began to study academic vocals, from the age of 9 I joined a children's brass band. Currently I am studying at the "College of Musical and Theatrical Art named after G. P. Vishnevskaya" 4th grade flute with teacher Dolzhikova Ella Olegovna. I am a laureate of international and All-Russian competitions in both flute and vocal. I take an active part in concerts at various venues. 

104 Ziwen Xin.JPG

Ziwen Xin, flute

Music is powerful, when I am upset, the beautiful music always raises me up. Playing flute help me to sparkle new ideas when I'm struggling with my homework. I hope I can compose music for myself

109 Xingyu Liu _edited.jpg

Xingyu Liu, flute

Since childhood, I have been a frequent guest on the stage. Music has made me realize another taste of learning, which is not passive acceptance, but absorbing more happiness with anticipation every day. I like to wander in the music, and I like to play a graceful tune. My future will be more exciting with music!

100 (101) Yi Han .jpg

Yi Han, flute

Yi Han started his music enlightment from Kindergarten through piano lessons.He joined basic knowledge of music lessons at College of Continuing Education of Central Concervatory of Music from August 2019 to January 2020 and got national grade examination for musical accomplishment certificate(Elementary Level). He joined Jinfan Band of Shi Jia Primary School to study trumpet in October 2020 and half a year later he is so lucky to be student of Mr. Zhaorong Chen starting his flute journey since April 2021. Flute and music has been his daily life since then and he loves flute gradually despite of some hard time and difficulties.

95 Yiqian FU _edited_edited.jpg

Yiqian FU, flute

My name is Yiqian Fu. I am a student of the China Conservatory of music. Here is my Award record:
The first prize of the 2021 Italian International Flute Competition
The first prize of the Organizing Committee of the Tenth International Online JSFest 2022 Instrumental
Music Competition B3
The first prize of the 3rd HS International Youth Online Music Competition Germany 2023

107 Chenxi Wang _edited.jpg

Chenxi Wang, flute

Chenxi Wang begun to play the piano at 4 years old. When she was an elementary school second grade student, she was selected to the school orchestra as a flute player. She has an incredible enthusiasm for the flute. From the age of 9, she is studying with Professor Zhaorong Chen, a flute professor at China conservatory of music in Beijing. She is committed to perfecting her playing. With the help of the professor Chen, she could make greater progress every day.

126 Satbayev Olzhas  _edited.jpg

Satbayev Olzhas , flute

My name is Olzhas. I am an artist of the State Symphony Orchestra, I play the part of piccolo and the second, third flute. I am teaching at a music schools for almost 10 years, and sinse this year I began to teach students at the conservatory. I try to constantly  improve my skils, work on shortcomings, improve and raise my level. I like to learn new things, watch master classes of outstanding flutist, and participate in music competitions.

92 Luziqing Liu _edited_edited.jpg

Luziqing Liu, flute

Luziqing Liu  was admitted to the Middle School Affiliated to the China Conservatory of Music in2021.Learn flute from Professor Chen Zhaorong.Began to learn flute from an early age.Participated in many competitions and won prizes.I hope to find out my own shortcomings and get experience through this competition.

20 Pang Ruiqi_edited_edited.jpg

Pang Ruiqi, clarinet

Ruiqi Pang was born in Chongqing, China in 1998. She started to study clarinet in high school with Wang Yushi from the School of Music and Dance of Chongqing Institute of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, and later with Deng Xin from the School of Music of Southwest University in Chongqing. Now Ruiqi Pang is a student of the Institute of Music, Theatre and Choreography of the Herzen University in the clarinet class of Associate Professor Alexander V. Maistrenko, she became the winner of the Stravinsky International Competition. 

21 Duo Clarinet Fang Rui, Yang Yaqi.jpg

Duo Clarinet Fang Rui, Yang Yaqi, clarinet

The ensemble consisting of Rui Fang and Yaqi Yang (clarinets) originated in the Institute of Music, Theatre and Choreography of the Herzen University in 2021, and at the same time the musicians began to perform in Concert Halls, became winner of international art competitions in Napoli (Italy) and Turku (Finland). Fang Rui was born in Zhejiang Province, China in 1997. He started learning the clarinet in the third grade of elementary school with Di Xiaoyan from Zhejiang Conservatory of Music. Yang Yaqi was born in Hebei Province, China in 2000. He started learning the clarinet in the six grade of elementary school with Liu Yang from Tangshan Art School, Tangshan City. Both are students of the Herzen University in the class of clarinet associate professor Alexander V. Maistrenko.

37 Aleksandar Atanasov  Madzharov .jpg

Aleksandar Atanasov  Madzharov, french horn

Aleksandar Madzharov is born on 24 th of February 2011 in Sofia, Bulgaria in the family of musicians. Since 2019, he has been a student in Waldhorn class with teacher Krassimir Kostadinov in National School of Music Lyubomir Pipkov, Sofia Bulgaria.
He received first prize in 2 nd category wind instruments from the V and VI International Competition for chamber music prof. Asen Diamandiev, Borovets, Bulgaria, June 2021 and 2022
Aleksandar received second prize in 2 nd category wind instruments from the VI International Music Performance Competition «Music Prospect» Moscow, January,2022 (online)

23 Orlin Dimitrov _edited.jpg

Orlin Dimitrov, french horn

Young and passionate musician playing on French horn, studying third grade at the National 
Musical School “Lyubomir Pipkov” Sofia, Bulgaria.

His teacher on French horn is Mr. Krassimir Kostadinov, 1st Horn at the Sofia Philharmonic.


Tomer George Cohen, keyboard & tenor sax

Music has become the very fabric of my existence, its harmonies and melodies weaving through the tapestry of my life. In 2010, I birthed the visionary project known as "George and the Good Vibes," a creation that has since blossomed into two remarkable albums. But my journey as a musician is an ongoing symphony, a perpetual dance of composition and creation.
While my passion for music fuels my soul, my life is a delicate balancing act. The tender embrace of my beloved spouse and the joyous laughter of my precious daughter bring warmth and grounding to my world. They are the pillars of love and support that anchor me amidst the whirlwind of my artistic pursuits.

51 Posheshulina Margarita_edited.jpg

Posheshulina Margarita, percussion instruments 

Margarita is 7 years old. She graduated from 1 year of music school in the class of percussion instruments.  Margarita participates in school concerts with great pleasure and joy.  He loves to play in an ensemble, sing in a choir and play the piano. She has excellent hearing and a good memory.

51 Posheshulina Margarita_edited.jpg

Posheshulina Margarita, percussion instruments 

Margarita is 7 years old. She graduated from 1 year of music school in the class of percussion instruments.  Margarita participates in school concerts with great pleasure and joy.  He loves to play in an ensemble, sing in a choir and play the piano. She has excellent hearing and a good memory.

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