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Säveltäjien kilpailu

Only complete applications can be submitted and only submitted applications can be evaluated.

All notifications are sent via email.

All contestants who will be performing with musical instruments will be responsible for providing their own appropriate equipment. 

All candidates must turn in the following:
•    Completed Entry Form
•    Completed Photograph Release Form
•    Legal proof of age (a copy of birth certificate and/or driver’s license)
•    Proof of Citizenship (birth certificate and/or passport)
•    Full lists of participants and attendants as well as group leaders

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  November 1, 2023.

1.Please download (without filling) the registration form on your computer
2.Fill the registration form, save it and send us by email:

Registration form for the online competition


tel: +358505238257 

Svetlana Myhkyra

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